Case Study #4

    "This case study may leave you stumped"

      Did you know?  A tree survives and thrives by extracting the nutrients in the soil. Yet when a tree is harvested for lumber the stump is often left behind.  Our client has developed a way to harvest nutrients from unused or discarded tree stumps. These chemicals are used to make products that range from solvents and turpentine’s all the way to cosmetics, depending on how many times the liquid is run through their filtration system.

     When we were asked to help them with their supply-chain, we quickly identified two challenges. The first was to reduce expenses. The second was to ensure that their carriers were delivering their products more carefully. Safety is of the utmost importance in a chemical environment and can often be overlooked by carriers. 

Case Study #3

The Wine Whisperer

      When we visited our customer in Washington DC, their purchasing manager was torn between two worlds; purchasing and transportation. When put to the task of managing multiple sectors of a business, some aspects end up taking higher priority over others. It’s the burden of not being able to multiply yourself.

      Our goal was to manage their transportation so that he and the company he worked for were able to focus on managing their inventories.  In addition, they needed to control their freight costs, so we aimed to coordinate shipments smoothly and use our negotiating expertise to lower their costs.

Case Study #2

Keeping It Cool

      When a family run ice cream company based in the Pacific Northwest was purchased by a private equity company, they brought in a new leadership team to help transform the organization. The leadership began the process of re-developing all of their internal strategies in order to accelerate growth and improve profitability. Surprisingly, problems began to uncover as the difficulties of manufacturing and transporting ice cream started to overflow.

      Many family run businesses find difficulty in managing systems, processes, and costs when they experience significant growth. For example: their customer service department was responsible for managing the supply chain. Their problems ranged from material flow issues and temperature-control issues with their shipping providers. When we visited them in the Pacific Northwest, we found a way to improve these issues and more.

Case Study #1

The Grass is Always Greener

      Some people were born with green thumbs and some develop them over time. These days, modern lawn and garden care relies on special equipment and tools to get the job done. The same can be said about getting that equipment delivered to your local lawn care retailer; it takes efficient technology tools, careful planning, and critical thinking to deliver equipment before we can even consider which lawn mowers or pressure washers we could be taking home. 

      When an outdoor power equipment company approached RedStone Logistics for help with their supply chain issues, we were excited at the opportunity to really get our hands dirty. Despite their operational issues, high freight costs, inconsistent deliveries and lack of visibility, we were able to solve several critical issues within their supply chain.


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