A Logistics Company in Kansas City that Works for You.

RedStone Logistics is a logistics company in Kansas City that aims to make better businesses.

      Most third party logistics companies in Kansas City only help businesses save money by lowering their transportation rates. We at RedStone Logistics care more about helping you and your business run more efficiently through careful analysis, planning, and implementation of customized solutions. With our supply chain expertise we aim to improve your processes, increase your productivity and save your company money through innovative and customized logistics solutions. 

      Kansas City is growing rapidly. Home to a wide range of industries, there are many different types of supply chains utilized to make businesses thrive. If you're a business owner or a transportation manager in Kansas City, you know how difficult it can be to get products from point A to point B on time and at a reasonable cost. RedStone Logistics' experts have experience with all types of supply chains and modes. Our experience, diligence, and personable approach will make sure that you are satisfied with your solution and more.

We know we're not the only logistics company in Kansas City. But we're one of the only logistics companies who will sit down with you to figure out a real solution.

we're ready to help you reach your goals. contact us today and get started with a logistics solution at no cost. - redstone