RedStone Logistics employs the world’s best logisticians to power your business to the next level.


With over 100 years of combined experience, our goal isn't focused solely on lowering rates. We want to make your business better and prepared for sustainable growth. By analyzing your current methods with no charge, we can determine how to improve processes and ultimately make your business thrive.


In today's hyper-competitive business environment, knowledge is a crucial component to success. That's why we've gathered the most intelligent thinkers to take on the supply chain industry's toughest challenges.



We're committed to helping your business. Saving money on rates can only get you so far. Our process-focused improvement approach to logistics will launch your company into the future. 

"Why hire an expert in shipping?"


Your time is spread across many tasks. Every successful business has a team of advisors and professionals including bankers, attorneys, accountants, and IT specialists. So why not involve an expert like RedStone Logistics to manage your shipping? Our custom-designed solutions, tailored specifically to your business requirements will help you save time and money, while at the same time insures customer satisfaction.

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Get to where you're going faster, and more safely.

Many businesses need a whole team of experts to optimize their supply chain and keep up with the constant demands of ensuring their products are delivered safely. And that's exactly what RedStone Logistics aims to do. It's dangerous to go it alone. We'll make sure your business gets to where it needs to be safely.

Improve Visibility, save time and money.

Tired of keeping up with constant changes in the freight market? RedStone Logistics can help. Our transportation management team has the know-how to find where you stand amongst your competitors and provide you with leverage in the world of shipping.

Our comprehensive solution delivers superior value.

Many 3PL's focus solely on lowering your rates. RedStone Logistics creates superior value by deploying a full team to re-engineer and streamline processes to ensure superior supply chain performance. By using our people and technology, we can become your ultimate resource for shipping. 


We'll deploy our full team of logisticians to ensure we deliver on our commitments

  • Operations Team: Manage day-to-day shipments
  • Carrier Management Team: Works with carriers to deliver you the best rates and services in the industry
  • Engineering Team: Designs and implements logistics solutions to help your business thrive


RedStone Logistics will re-engineer and streamline processes to ensure superior supply chain performance.

  • Analyze your current methods and modes of shipping
  • Determine where problems and pain points exist
  • Design and deliver a solution that works for you


We offer state-of-the-art technology with intuitive customer interfaces.

  • Book shipments with ease knowing where your freight is at all times
  • Use our rates and carriers to get your products delivered efficiently at a lower cost
  • Analyze your shipping data with our reporting functions

Read about our clients' solutions.

"The Grass Is Always Greener"

    When an outdoor power equipment company approached RedStone for help with their supply chain issues, we were excited at the opportunity to really get our hands dirty. Despite operational issues, high freight costs and more, we were able to solve several critical issues within their supply chain.

"Keeping it Cool"


    When a family run ice cream company based in the Pacific Northwest was purchased by a private equity company, they brought in a new leadership team to help transform the organization.

"The Wine Whisperer"


     A distributor of craft beers and wine in the Washington DC area was suffering high freight costs, and didn’t have the time or the resources to manage their supply chain. That’s when they contacted RedStone Logistics to help better manage shipments and cut costs.


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